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Company Profile

Fortco Limited is a manufacturer and installer of Playground and Water Park rubber safety surfaces (poured–in–place). "Playsafe" is designed for use with all types of playground equipment, aquatic theme parks, swimming pools, patios and golf courses.

Fortco Limited has created a seamless rubber playground and aquatic safety surface second to none in the industry. For over 32 years we have installed thousands of quality engineered rubber safety surfaces.

Our creative team has a reputation for our colourful imaginative designs for all our rubber safety surfaces. Fortco’s attention is focused on our customer’s needs and insures that every project is installed to a 100% satisfaction.

Our Company’s reputation is all about our product quality and durability, which is our number one goal. Fortco Limited never compromises and will always get the job done.

About Our Product

C.S.A. Standards: "PLAYSAFE" is designed to meet and surpass the latest test requirements of the CSA Z614 — a National standard of Canada. Testing well below 200 G-Max and under 1000 HIC (head injury criteria) values.

ASTM F-1292 Test Procedures: "PLAYSAFE" has been tested in accordance with ASTM F-1292 Standard for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment and per CPSC guidelines.

Vandalism Resistant: "PLAYSAFE" provides a rubber safety surface that has proven to be the most effective playground choice for resisting vandalism due to our hand-trawled installation and seamless construction.

American Disabilities Act: "PLAYSAFE" is in compliance with ADA for wheelchair Accessibility.

Seamless: "PLAYSAFE" is composed of E.P.D.M. or recycled rubber, bonded by a specially formulated polyurethane binder. "PLAYSAFE" is a poured–in–place rubber surface resulting in a seamless surface, greatly reducing the liability of tripping hazards.

Porous: "PLAYSAFE" is porous, eliminating standing water immediately after rainfall. This unique feature allows activity to resume quickly on your surface.

Environmentally Friendly: "PLAYSAFE" uses 100% recycled rubber granules from post-consumer tire rubber.

Low Maintenance: "PLAYSAFE" is a long–lasting durable rubber surface that requires minimal maintenance and carries a multi–year warranty. "PLAYSAFE" rubber surface is virtually maintenance–free and can be cleaned by sweeping off and/or power vacuuming.

Slip Resistant: "PLAYSAFE’s" unique friction coefficient characteristics greatly reduce the probability of slip/fall accidents.

Warranty: "PLAYSAFE" warrants our products for a period of up to 5 years against both defective materials and labour.

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